4 Reasons You Need To Drink Prosecco Now!


Prosecco is the new champagne. Along with being delicious, an incredible pair with all foods, and perfect for every occasion, Prosecco has several health benefits, which is why Prosecco should be your new wine of choice.

  1. Prosecco will improve your memory! About two years ago, a scientific study was performed and showed that memory increased, on average, by 70% after drinking this delicious bubbly.
  2. Prosecco is low in calories. Both Champagne and Prosecco have fewer calories than red and white wine, allowing you to either drink more or cut back on the calorie counting!
  3. Heart health. Prosecco is just as healthy for your heart as red wine is, so it contains a majority of the same antioxidants, blood vessels, and can prevent blog clots
  4. Prosecco is great for your skin! This delicious bubbly detoxifies skin, can even skin tone, and is great for oily skin and breakouts.


So what are you waiting for? Grab a bottle of Prosecco today!

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