Amazing Race: Best Prosecco Wine Recipe

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The great thing about Prosecco is that it has the same versatility as Champagne does. It is crazy to think sometimes why so many people love Champagne. Is it the hype? The elegance? In our opinion, we think it is the ability for Champagne to be great alone, in cocktails, with a splash of juice, and paired with just about anything. But, what is better than Champagne? Prosecco.

Prosecco wine recipes are fairly simple. Simply add your favorite juice, a shot of your favorite liquor, and you have yourself a wine cocktail with a splash of Prosecco. Mimosa bar? Prosecco is the perfect stand in for Champagne, with its many different flavors and abilities to truly compliment the juice.

If that isn’t a good enough reason to use Prosecco in your next wine recipe, than we have a task for you. Create your own Prosecco wine recipe, and tag us in the photo on social media @DiamaSparkle! We would love to see your twist on a Prosecco wine cocktail, and might even have to try out the recipe ourselves!

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