Are You The Rosé Wine Type?


For someone to say they aren’t a rosé wine type of person (fellas, we’re looking at you!) clearly does not know all that’s great about rosé wine. Sure the color may be a little feminine, but does that really matter? What matters are the incredible flavors, aromas, and versatility rosé wines can offer. Here are some fun facts to know about various types of rosé wines:


Now that you know what you need to know about all types of rosé wine, in general, time to enjoy!


We’re going for a class of that Diama Sparkle rosé we mentioned. It’s chic, graceful, and sophisticated in appearance, flavor, and aromas. The bouquet of this extra-dry rose type blooms with hints of red berries, crisp citrus, and fragrant flowers. We’ll be having this rosé wine with some cheese, crackers, and salami!

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Img. 2: @ariel.yoko