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Dazzle With Diama Sparkle Prosecco

September 13

Wine so special that we found it only fitting to design the bottle to look like a cut diamond. Diama Sparkle Prosecco: Italian champagne-style wine. This isn’t just a wine- it’s a statement piece. And it truly does speak for itself.   As if the bottle itself didn’t grab your attention, just listen to how […]

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August 31

You might have times where you wonder how you’re going to impress your guests.  You might not know how to make an authentic Italian meal or know how to put together a fine dining situation.  Well we have something that takes the pressure off and you can still get all the credit for impressing your […]

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August 31

Everything looks so great in the summer and is usually a time when we don’t have to be reminded to stop and smell the roses.  But we’d like you to take a moment to take in a different kind of rose, one that has sparkle, is refreshing and looks just as beautiful under the sun […]

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This Is the Icing on the Rosé

August 6

It’s the perfect season to drink Rosé Wine because of the fresh fruity flavors that are so refreshing. Our favorite is Diama Sparkle Rosé Wine. This is not the usual Rosé Wine type. Diama portrays elegance, it’s refined and semi-sweet. Hints of red berries, crisp citrus and fragrant flowers flavors will envelop your mouth. Because […]

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Stay Cool With This Summer Surprise

July 29

Rosé Wines always represent good and classic moments for us. But our Diama Sparkle Rosé Wine is more than that. It is chic, elegant and sweet. You will enjoy hints of red berries, crisp citrus and the fragrance of flowers. It is perfect for any occasion. In the summer, we often choose Rosé Wines to […]

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Dry But Still Refreshing!

July 16

Do you like wines with character? Coming up! Our dry Prosecco from Diama Sparkle Wines will show you his best facets. Actually, he has three of them. Diama dry Prosecco is crisp while it is light and refreshing. A great combination, isn’t it? This sparkling white wine offers you delicious flavors of bosc pear, yellow […]

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You’re invited to the Prosecco Bar!

July 8

Grab your champagne flutes and get ready to serve up some elegant, sparkling cocktails!  It only takes a few ingredients and a couple twists to create drinks worthy of sharing with guests.  The best way to get a tasty bubbly drink is to use Diama Prosecco, known for its champagne like qualities yet unique flavors […]

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4th of July Celebrations Call for Sparkles!

July 2

Sparkles will be filling the sky this weekend, how about filling your glass with them as well!  Diama wine is the essence of sparkles captured in a high quality beverage, deserving to be in a diamond cut bottle.  Golden in color and wrapped in teal, this dry sparkling wine is a showpiece all on its […]

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Pop the Diama!

June 21

It’s your everyday Champagne. Diama sparkling Prosecco wine is beautiful enough to serve at a special occasion but affordable enough to make every day a special occasion. Serve chilled, over ice, or with a sparkly garnish to match the sparkle of this bubbly. Maybe a jewelry piece or a paper umbrella sprayed with glitter. This […]

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Pretty In Rose Pink Isn’t As Hard As You Think

May 27

It’s so nice when you don’t only have two options and with Rose wines, we get the delectable color of pink to add into our wine collection – right in the middle of red and white. Although there are multiple methods to create rose wines, the most common is the most simple, which is produced […]

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