Dare To Be Different This NYE With Prosecco And Rose


When one hears a countdown, the first thing that pops into mind is New Years. And what else is synonymous with New Years? Popping open the bubbly, of course!

Even as kids, while our parents and all other adults celebrated with sparkling wine, we had sparkling apple cider to celebrate. Something about the fun, crisp taste of sparkling beverages is perfect for all celebrations. But when did this tradition start? Rumors place the tradition to starting around 1,500 years ago in the Champagne region of France. Over time, this tradition has not become dependent on what seems to be the go to sparkling wine, Champagne, and is now open to all sparkling wines.

Though the tradition may state “Champagne” we beg to differ. Here are our two favorite sparkling wines that we will be ringing in the New Year with this year!


Prosecco is an Italian white wine that can be Spumante sparkling, Frizzante and Tranquillo. For New Year’s, of course, we will be popping open the sparkling Prosecco. This sparkling white wine is delicious and pairs incredibly with several different food options, from main courses, to appetizers, and is even perfect as an aperitif; the perfect wine to sip while waiting for the ball to drop!

Rosé wine has really stepped into the limelight this year. Before this year, rosé wines were seen as too feminine and only sweet. But, this year has really shown the diversity that rosé wine has to offer! Similar to Prosecco, rosé wines can be sparkling or non-sparkling wines, and pairs excellently with appetizers, sliced meats, and as an aperitif.

Which of these sparkling wines will you be celebrating with this New Years Eve? For more information on Diama Sparkle Prosecco and Sparkling Rosé wines, visit us online at DiamaSparkle.com or SanAntonioWinery.com and be sure to tag us in your celebrating photos! @DiamaSparkle and #DiamaSparkle


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