Diama Sparkle Is The Best Sparkling Prosecco For Wedding Season

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For Diama Sparkle, it’s our favorite time of year – wedding season! Diama Sparkle has the best sparking wine Prosecco for any bridal shower and wedding party. Diama Sparkle Prosecco is classic, graceful, and delicious. It is light and crisp with delicate flavors of bosc pear, yellow apple, and lemon.

Diama Sparkle is the best sparkling wine Prosecco for wedding season because it comes in both a 750ml size bottle and a 187ml size mini bottle! The large bottle glows an elegant golden straw color in a beautifully cut bottle that is reminiscent of a diamond. The mini bottles are just adorable – perfect for gift favors. Diama Sparkle is attractive both on the inside of the bottle, and out, literally. This best sparkling wine Prosecco will make you fall in love at first sight and first sip.


This sparkling Prosecco wine is available at local retailers and at San Antonio Winery in Los Angeles, Ontario, and Paso Robles, but you can also purchase it online from SanAntonioWinery.com. Learn more by going to DiamaSparkle.com and follow the brand on social media @DiamaSparkle and use #DiamaSparkle on your photos.