Diama Sparkle Rose Is The Luxury Rose


Rosé wine is typically made from red grapes or red grape varietals; however, there are certain Rosé wines that are made with white grapes or white grape varietals. Rosé has been growing in popularity and is a versatile wine that you can pair with anything like fish, veggies, steak, and sweets.

If you are looking for a dry Rosé wine, we have the perfect wine for you. Diamá Sparkle Rosé is a blend of Glera, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes, blended together to form this elegant, crisp, and delightful sparkling wine. Diamá Sparkle Rosé is an extra-dry Rosé that blooms with hints of red berries, crisp citrus, and fragrant flowers. This rosy pink wine is chic and graceful. It is perfect for any occasion.


Diamá Rosé is great tasting wine that embodies beauty and radiance. The cut of the bottle gives a diamond feel that adds quality and elegance to your glass and to your life. It’s a look and taste of luxury. Whatever the occasion, Diamá Sparkle Rosé is perfect.

Find Diamá Sparkle Rosé (and its sister Diama Prosecco) at your local retailer or visit San Antonio Winery in Los Angeles, Ontario, or Paso Robles. You can also shop for it online at SanAntonioWinery.com

Learn more about this beautiful wine brand at DiamaSparkle.com.


Img. 2: @feastfashionfaves