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You might have times where you wonder how you’re going to impress your guests.  You might not know how to make an authentic Italian meal or know how to put together a fine dining situation.  Well we have something that takes the pressure off and you can still get all the credit for impressing your company – Italian sparkling wine.

You don’t have to travel to Italy to get the authentic ingredients; we’re bringing that to you!  Diama Sparkle is a stunning brand that sparkles both inside and out.  This wine comes in two sparkling flavors, Prosecco and Rose.  Both stunning to look at and to taste!  Italian sparkling wine is the best way to dress up your dinner space and to have your guests complimenting the host for such a delicious beverage.  Diama sparkling wines pair well with all kinds of food; from meals to fruit and dessert.  You can just sip on this one drink throughout the evening.

Add Italian sparkling wine to any meal to enhance the experience and feel elegant while doing it.  Be sure to serve this wine chilled and to really make things fun, you can pass around the mini version – our Diama sparkling babies.

It’s never a dull moment with the wine that sparkles.  Find out more about Diama at DiamaSparkle.com and be sure to follow our social media so we can learn more about how you enjoy our wine.  Like our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages and share pictures with #DiamaSparkle.

These Italian sparkling wines can also be purchased on our online store at SanAntonioWinery.com.