Falling In Love With The Italians And Their Sparkling Wine

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Italian sparkling wine” sounds so much more attractive than “sparkling wine” doesn’t it? This foreign, imported wine carries not just the language of wine, but also the language of love and we can’t get enough of it. The newest Italian sparkling wine that we’re falling in love with comes from the Diama Sparkle brand.

Diama Sparkle has two wines: a sparkling rose and a sparkling Prosecco. The rose is a chic and graceful rosy pink wine with hints of red berries, crisp citrus, and fragrant flowers. The Prosecco sparkling wine is classic, light, and crisp with delicate flavors of bosc pear, yellow apple, and lemon.


These Italian sparkling wines are also quite easy on the eye, as they are both packaged in bottles that are beautifully cut in a shape that is reminiscent of a diamond. Did we also mention that Diama is a variant of the word diamond, in Italian?

Learn more about this Italian sparkling wine brand, Diama Sparkle, by going to DiamaSparkle.com and following the brand on Facebook and Instagram, and using #DiamaSparkle. You can purchase this Italian sparkling wine at local retailers or San Antonio Winery in-store and online at SanAntonioWinery.com