Feel The Sparkle With Sparkling White Wine

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Before we go into sparkling white wines, and the delicious benefits of sipping bubbly, we need to clarify the difference between sparkling white wine and Champagne. Champagne solely refers to the region of France. If a bottle of sparkling white wine does not come from the Champagne region of France, it is not Champagne. Nothing good, nothing bad, just based on where the grapes came from! Sparkling wine is delicious from France, Italy, Spain, California, everywhere!

Now that we know the difference between some common sparkling white wines, it is time to give reason as to why you should pop that bubbly any time, not just on special occasions!


Sparkling white wine not only can help your heart, but has also been proven to smooth skin.

Sparkling white wine has also been known to help tighten skin, through its carbon dioxide.

Mood booster! If the sound of the cork popping doesn’t make you giddy, at least take a sip. Elements in sparkling wine are known for enhancing your mood and turning that frown upside down.

Sparkling wine is recently been said to have a positive effect on your memory.

Sparkling wine is calorie friendly! For 4 ounces, sparkling wine typically falls under 90 calories, while other red and white wines go over 100. Be careful though! Some sparkling wines do have additional sugar.

Cheers to you! Open a bottle of sparkling white wine and try out some of these benefits for yourself. Also, be sure to check out our selection of sparkling wines at DiamaSparkle.com and SanAntonioWinery.com.