Five Reasons to Celebrate Rosé Season

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Spring has finally sprung, and there is no better time than now to pop open that perfectly chilled bottle of rosé wine. Rosé wine has an awful stereo type that it is only a feminine drink. While it can easily be perceived as so, due to its gorgeous blush color, rosé wine is not only a drink for females. Rather, it is the best bottle of wine in that it pairs perfectly with so many different foods, moods, and seasons. We love the beauty of rosé wine, and matched with its taste, it is the perfect mixture of feminine fun and class.

Why wouldn’t you want to grab the best bottle of rosé wine? That part is up to you, but here are some reasons we think you should grab that nice, chilled, bottle of rosé wine.

  1. Pink is the new white
  2. There is a rosé wine for every wine lover – dry, sweet, and sparkling
  3. Rosé wine doesn’t age the same way red wine does, so there is no shame in grabbing a case and drinking them all and not saving any for next year
  4. Rosé wine pairs amazingly with BBQ, the perfect spring time meal
  5. Rosé wine makes delicious cocktails

So, what are you waiting for? Go grab yourself a bottle of rosé wine! Diama Sparkle Rosé wine, to be specific!

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