From Dry Prosecco To Something Sweeter

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Prosecco wine is a dry, sparkling wine that is often used for celebratory moments like weddings, birthdays, showers, and holidays, for example. Many people love it, but there are also a number who have yet to really give it a chance because they prefer wines that are on the sweeter side. They either do not like dry wines or they have yet to get accustomed to them.

But there’s a way for all wine drinkers to fall in love with dry sparkling Prosecco wine, and that way is by way of mimosas!


Mimosas are made with sparkling wine and orange juice (traditionally). However, you can really use any fruit juice you’d like for mimosas, like guava, pineapple, and even cranberry. The ratio of sparkling Prosecco to fruit juice is one to one, and to top it off, add a piece of fresh fruit.

Mimosas are the drink to have with brunch or with friends for a laid back get together. Clearly, they’re so simple to make and customizable to each person’s palate.


If you have any friends who are not the dry wine type of person, give them a mimosa and say, “now you are!” We guarantee they’ll love it!

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