Is Pink The New White? About Rosé Wines


Rosé wines are clearing the shelves like a storm, and it’s no surprise why – they’re all delicious! Ranging from dry to sweet, there is a rosé wine out there for everyone.

Traditional sweet rosé wines are made from white Zinfandel, white Merlot or pink Moscato, while dry rosé wines can be made from Grenache, Syrah, and Pinot Noir. Contrary to mixing paints, making a pink wine does not consist of combining reds and whites. Rather, it is a combination of white and red wine making, and is all based on how long the grape skins are left on.

The reason rosé wines are becoming so popular and can be found just about anywhere now, is the sole reason that rosé wines use the same grapes that white and red wines do, just in different ways. Just about every grape has been turned into a rosé wine at some point, either alone or in a blend. On top of the different types of rosé wines, there are also dry, sweet, sparkling, and non-sparkling, so when we say there is a rosé out there for everyone, we mean it.

Which type of rosé wine makes you say “yes way, rosé”?

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