New Year, New Sparkling Wine!


Forget the floral centerpieces, and grab a few bottles of sparkling rosé wine instead! Floral centerpieces can be beautiful but they can also be expensive, and this New Year, your friends are going to want to drink the rosés, not just admire their beauty.

Rosé wines have skyrocketed this year. From previously being the last wine picked, to now being the first wine off of the shelves, people are realizing the diversities rosé wines offer. Start this New Year with a new wine, like Diama Sparkle rosé wine! Rosé wines are made with grapes commonly made into red wine, but the fermenting process is just a bit different, so the tannins from the grape skins are not fully left on. This reveals the beautiful rose color and includes some of the health benefits that red wine has to offer! Clink into the New Year with a beautiful wine in your glass, and enjoy the chic and graceful taste of rosé wine.


Rosé wine like Diama Sparkle rosé wine pairs perfectly with many different foods, looks beautiful in the glass, and tastes delicious as the clock counts down to the New Year. Find out more about Diama Sparkle rosé wine at or