Pop the Diama!

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It’s your everyday Champagne. Diama sparkling Prosecco wine is beautiful enough to serve at a special occasion but affordable enough to make every day a special occasion. Serve chilled, over ice, or with a sparkly garnish to match the sparkle of this bubbly. Maybe a jewelry piece or a paper umbrella sprayed with glitter. This golden colored sparkling Prosecco wine is so easy to dress up because it already shines all on its own. Delicate flavors of bosc pear, apple and lemon make this a refreshing drink and pairs well with any food.

Champagne was the go-to for special occasions but that was before the diamond of Italy, Diama Sparkle hit the scene. With a diamond-cut bottle and teal labels, it’s a showcase piece. For a special party, place in an ice bucket and accessorize around the bucket. Just be sure to stock up because one bottle is certainly not enough.

Get more details on this shining star at DiamaSparkle.com and share your party pics with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and use #DiamaSparkle in your captions! Diama Sparkle sparkling Prosecco wine can be purchased at local retailers and at San Antonio Winery in Los Angeles, Ontario, and Paso Robles.