Pretty In Rose Pink Isn’t As Hard As You Think

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It’s so nice when you don’t only have two options and with Rose wines, we get the delectable color of pink to add into our wine collection – right in the middle of red and white. Although there are multiple methods to create rose wines, the most common is the most simple, which is produced by the actual skin of the grapes. Dark grapes are crushed and the skins stay in contact with the juice for a determined amount of time. The longer the amount of time, the more intense the pink color becomes.

Essentially that’s what rose wines are; they are made from red grapes, and so there is no shame in drinking the lighter hue of wine. And by the way, rose wine is not just for the ladies. Men love a great rose wine too and that’s exactly what our Diama Sparkle Rose has to offer!


Diama Sparkle Rose is an extra dry sparkling wine that pairs well with any type of food, savory or sweet. They look lovely in a champagne flute and equally as lovely in the bottle. Find out more about Diama Sparkle Rose online at or on the brand’s Facebook or Instagram pages. Diama Sparkle Rose can be purchased at select retailers, San Antonio Winery in Los Angeles, Ontario, and Paso Robles, and online at

Now that you know what rose wines are and how they are made, don’t be afraid to give the exquisite, award-winning Diama Sparkle Rose wine a try! You can share your photos on social media by using #DiamaSparkle in your caption.

Img. 1: @candidlyshanti