Prosecco Pairings – A Party Planner’s Best Friend

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You planned the perfect party, selected your new favorite Prosecco, and now all you need to do is solidify the menu. Only problem is, you have no idea what foods pair well with Prosecco, especially a dry Prosecco. That is where Diama Prosecco comes into play! We have worked hard, tastings and all, to create the perfect food and wine pairing options for you to use to create the perfect party, night in, or any other reason you may have to pair your favorite Prosecco wine with food!

We have broken it down into categories, so that you can mix and match your food and wine pairings to your particular taste buds, or the theme of your party.


  • Avocado
  • Asparagus
  • Artichoke


  • Citrus (lemons are the best!) Try a lemon curd, lemon based dressing, or lemon bar for dessert
  • We suggest pairing ripe pears with a sharp cheddar cheese
  • Raspberrys


  • Barley or pea soups
  • Gazpacho


  • Roasted chicken
  • Charcuterie


  • Any and all!

And if those food pairings seem like too much? The best bet is to go to your favorite grocery store, pick up some nice looking cheeses, pair them with some of your favorite charcuterie meats, and enjoy with a nice chilled glass of Diama Prosecco! For more ideas and information, visit us at or on social @DiamaSparkle