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Spring is here and you probably have upcoming wedding showers, engagement parties, or birthday parties fast approaching.  Well, no party or gathering is complete without the right wine.  Diama Sparkle Prosecco wine brings out a great balance of flavors that fit perfectly with any occasion.  We don’t need a reason to enjoy a great tasting wine, but we know that the spring season brings forth a lot of social gatherings where wine is a must, and that’s why we recommend having plenty of Diama Sparkle wine on hand.

Diama Sparkle is the perfect wine to create fun and easy prosecco wine recipes that you and your friends will enjoy.  Diama Sparkle is an extra dry sparkling wine that is best served chilled.  We love grabbing our favorite fruit juices from the supermarket and adding a splash of fruit flavor to our favorite Diama Sparkle Prosecco wine and creating some yummy and special prosecco wine recipes for all to enjoy.  Cut up pieces of strawberries and top off your drink with some fresh fruit that will add a tasty bonus flavor to your prosecco wine.  Simple prosecco wine recipes like these will be a hit at any social gathering.  So next time you are planning your best friend’s birthday party or engagement party, make sure you pick up Diama Sparkle wine.

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