Rosé Every Winter Day


The most wonderful and the busiest time of year is almost done, and before we know it, it will be a New Year, and writing 2016 will be just as normal to us as writing 2015. What is our solution to the few weeks between New Year’s and Valentine’s Day? Relax. Enjoy. Take a few weekends to yourself. Sometimes, fewer things are better than staying in, putting on your favorite movie, and having a relaxing day in your pajamas with a glass of your favorite wine.

Red wines may be too heavy for a relaxing day, depending on what exactly you are doing, and white wines may be too light and crisp. That is where the forever trusty rosé wine comes into play. Rosé wines are perfect by the fireside, taste delicious while watching your favorite movie, and can be transitioned from brunch, to midday activities, to dinner and dessert.

Rosé wines are just as versatile as the weeks between the holiday season and spring break, and that is why we choose rosé every day! Diama sparkling rosé wine is our go to, and we want you to see why! See for yourself at or