Sparkling Wine For Any Occasion


There are many different types of wine, and we know that sometimes it becomes difficult to choose the right one for you. Well, we’re here to help make your lives a little simpler and give you the necessary information when choosing the type of wine for you. Did you know that sparkling wines are versatile and pair well with almost anything? There are benefits of drinking sparkling wines and we want you to choose the best ones.

San Antonio Winery houses some of the absolute best sparkling wines out there. Stella Rosa and Diama Sparkle are both brands that boast great sparkling wines. You can find Stella Rosa Wines and Diama Sparkle wines at San Antonio Winery or local retailers. Personally, our favorites are the Diama Sparkle sparkling rose and Prosecco.


Diama Sparkle wines are on the less sweet side, but still an elegantly, crisp and sparkling wine. You can choose from Diama Sparkle Rosé or Prosecco wines that are both extra dry sparkling wines.

The best benefits of sparkling wines? There are two:

  1. They pair with a variety of foods like small dishes and appetizers. Sparkling wines also pair great with pizza and pasta dishes, as well as fresh fruit and desserts. The combinations of the semi-sweet and semi-sparkling Stella Rosa wines pair great with desserts, cheese, and salami.
  2. You can enjoy any of these sparkling wines for many different occasions. They make for great party and special occasion wines, such as for bridal showers, engagement parties, and/or weddings.

You can find these sparkling wines and more at any of our 3 San Antonio Winery locations in Los Angeles, Ontario, and Paso Robles. Don’t worry if you can’t make it to the winery, because you can purchase our wines online as well. Visit and for more information.


Img. 2: @inretrospectlongbeach