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The seasons are changing, and as it begins to get warmer out, we slowly start to put our jackets away and anxiously wait for the warmer months ahead.  Spring is one of our favorite seasons, and while we really don’t need a reason to drink our favorite rosé wine, Diama Sparkle is always our wine of choice, especially in the spring.  Diama Sparkle Rosé wine is known as the diamond of Italy and it’s a sparkling wine that is attractive, luxurious, and delicious.  It is perfect for that winter to spring transition, and while we enjoy it anytime, the crisp and light flavors make it ideal for the season.

Diama Sparkle Rosé wine is chic and graceful and perfect for any occasion.  Rosé wines are the oldest known type of wine and usually made of red grapes or red grape varietals, although some can be made with white grapes and white grape varietals.  Diama Sparkle Rosé wine is an extra dry Rosé wine.  It is made with hints of red berries, crisp citrus, and fragrant flowers that will satisfy that rosé lover in all of us.  Pick up a bottle or two this spring and enjoy the refreshing taste of your favorite Diama Sparkle Rosé wine.  Find Diama Sparkle at your local retailer or online or in-store from San Antonio Winery.