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Everything looks so great in the summer and is usually a time when we don’t have to be reminded to stop and smell the roses.  But we’d like you to take a moment to take in a different kind of rose, one that has sparkle, is refreshing and looks just as beautiful under the sun – Diama sparkle rose wine.

Diama is special, just like each flower has its own lovely characteristics that make it special; Diama rose wine is unique in every way and is truly one-of-a-kind.  This rose wine has sparkle and can be served elegantly at occasions because of its bubbly nature.  The rose color is so attractive and just makes you want to pour it into pretty glasses and share it with everyone.

Red berries and crisp citrus make up this rose wine and Diama also has the fragrance of flowers!  Truly a summer drink.  Not only does Diama sparkle rose wine look fancy when served, what makes this wine extra special is how Diama is packaged and presented.  The bottle itself is like the precious petals that make up a flower.  Shaped like a rose diamond this wine is so eye-catching even unopened!  You have to add it to your next occasion to see it for yourself.

Experience Diama sparkle rose wine for a fresh take on summer and to get to know rose wine like you never have before.  Find out more about this exquisite product at  Find Diama rose wine at your local retailers or in-store at San Antonio Winery.  If you’re not in the California region check out our online store at as we do ship to certain states.

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Photo credit: @candidlyshanti