The Best Desserts To Pair With Your Diama Sparkle


We love desserts and we love wine, and we especially love to pair the two together. We are giving you a simple guide to the best and yummiest desserts to pair with your Diamá Sparkle Rosé. Diamá Rosé is a pure, radiant, and refined wine that gives the taste of luxury. We love the crisp and citrus flavors with hints of red berries and fragrant flowers.

Diamá Rosé is perfect for any occasion, so feel free to enjoy this delicious wine at any time. We love enjoying ours after a long day at work, dinner parties, brunch, and basically any day of the week because, Rosé everyday! Diamá Rosé pairs perfectly with a variety of meals, light appetizers, and we especially pairing it with desserts.   Here are some of our favorites to pair with your Diamá Rosé.


Get your friends together and plan your next gathering around Diamá Sparkle Rosé and sweet treats. Pick up Diamá Sparkle at your local retailer or find it at San Antonio Winery in-store or online. Visit to learn more!