The New Hot Trend This Fall: Dry Prosecco


For those calling Prosecco “Champagne’s little sister” you are right, but that little sister is all grown up now. Prosecco used to be a sweet sparkling wine that most tended to stray from, or only would use it in cocktails such as a bellini. Now, Prosecco has stepped up its game and is a fully developed beauty. Not only are there multiple variations and brands of Prosecco but it has followed in the steps of its “sister,” Champagne, with the styles of brut, dry, and extra dry. Prosecco also has variations of bubbles, whether it is frizzante or spumante.

Diama Sparkle Dry Prosecco is a beautiful golden straw color, and is displayed in an extraordinary diamond-cut bottle. Dry Prosecco is the perfect choice of bubbly for any occasion because it is not overpowering. With flavor notes of Bosc pear, yellow apple, and lemon, Diama Dry Prosecco is fresh, light and crisp. Our dry prosecco is frizzante, or slightly sparkling, allowing for the perfect amount of bubbles without confusing your palate. Because of this, Diama dry prosecco is the perfect aperitif.

What does dry prosecco pair best with? Diama Dry Prosecco pairs deliciously with just about any food, appetizer, dessert, or alone! Our favorites are fresh fruit, cheeses, pastas, and meats.

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Img: @livinginstyleoc