This Is the Icing on the Rosé

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It’s the perfect season to drink Rosé Wine because of the fresh fruity flavors that are so refreshing. Our favorite is Diama Sparkle Rosé Wine. This is not the usual Rosé Wine type. Diama portrays elegance, it’s refined and semi-sweet. Hints of red berries, crisp citrus and fragrant flowers flavors will envelop your mouth.

Because we know that strawberry is a delicious pairing with this type of Rosé Wine we wanted to share it with you in a fun way – strawberry and basil ice cubes. Here is a triple pleasure in one glass. This Rosé Wine type is best served chilled, so why not add flavored ice cubes!

Add sliced strawberries and chopped basil to your ice tray and after enjoy them in your glass of Diama Rosé Wine to let your glass shine!

There are several ice cube flavors that will go with our Rosé Wine type.  You can even make them with the wine itself!  The fun is endless with Diama. 

Keep cool all summer!

Diama Sparkle Wines can be purchased at your local retailer or at San Antonio Winery. To learn more about this brand, visit and be sure to follow the brand on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and use #DiamaSparkle on fan photos! Show us your frosted Rosé!