Valentine’s Dinner With Rose Wines

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One of the most appropriate wines for Valentine’s weekend is a nice sparkling rose wine, like Diama Sparkle Rose. The wine’s beautiful blush color is enough to justify popping the bubbly even though it is not Summer. Now, what to dine on that will pair nicely with rose wines?

First, take a look at the style of the rose wine and it’s flavor characteristics. Diama Sparkle Rose is an extra-dry sparkling rose with hints of red berries, crisp citrus, and fragrant flowers.

Then, consider your food options. Rose wines can pair well with a variety of dishes:

• Melon and prosciutto
• Olive, cheese, and meat board
• Salads

Main Courses
• Pizza
• Most seafood selections like crab, shrimp, lobster, grilled or fried fish, salmon
• Burgers
• Couscous
• Grilled chicken and sausages
• Grilled veggies

• Souffle
• Fruits, especially peaches and strawberries
• Tarts

In general, think of summertime foods that are on the lighter side, not too heavy and hearty. And if you’re wondering what seasoning is appropriate, go brash: basil, oregano, garlic, salty, light spiciness.

Hopefully this will help you plan out your Valentine’s weekend dining menus! That rose wine is a must!

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