Yes Way, Rosé! We Love Brunch


If there is one thing we love, it is brunch. And with loving brunch also comes the beauty of loving mimosas and bellinis. Our favorite? Rosé wine bellinis. Grab your favorite sparkling rosé wine, some of your favorite berries, vodka (if you are feeling extra adventurous), your favorite naturally sweetened fruit juice, and you are all set!

Rosé wines can be used in many different recipes. From cooking chicken, to adding to pasta sauces, rosé wines are extremely versatile and are also able to be enjoyed while cooking a delicious rosé wine recipe.

Feeling extra girly that morning during brunch? We love added rosewater and lime juice to our Diama sparkling rosé wine.

Other fun ingredients to mix together for a delicious rosé wine recipe are gin, for a Rose Gimlet, and even Whiskey, for a fun (and definitely strong) cocktail.

What’s your favorite way to use rosé wine in a recipe? You can find more rosé wine recipes online at or